Automatic Car Washing Machine, another top technology of Japan

 As you know, Japanese automobiles are excellent and very popular all over the world.  But there are many other high technology products we make.  We like to introduce "Automatic Car Washing Machine" here.  These machines are usually used in gas stations in Japan.  But they are also used at self-type coin car washing spaces.  These machines are called "Gate Type Automatic Car Washing Machine" because it looks like gate.  They are distinguished from Spray Type.

 Gate Type Machines for Self Car Washing Use have very complicated structure.  Because the machines are supposed to be operated by ordinary people who are not familiar with machineslil like gas station staff.  Danger to people is issue, but main issue is the damage to vehicles.

 In old days, these type of machines could blow off irregular parts like rear spoiler.  But the latest models don't have such problems.  It's very easy to operate, just put coins and push start button.  The machine would do all washing without any trouble.  These new machines have many sensors (=eyes) and they automatically avoid if they see any obstacles.  If you see, it is so amazing.

 The brush is also improved.  In the past, people would think "you get small scratches on the car, if you put in the automatic car washing machine".  But not any more.  The brush now is so good, you don't have to worry about scratches.  The most popular type now is "Sponge Brush", which is made of sponge.  Also, people always like "Cloth Type", because they know it is very soft and Scratch-Free, too.

 It's expensive to install, so you don't see many, but there are option spec, that is, "High Pressure Water Jet".  This attract people a lot.  This type of machines would wash by Super High Pressure Water from top and sides in the first run (going & returning) before they actually start washing with brushes.  This water is so strong that it can blow off most of dirt and dust on the surface of the car body.

 Following is a PR video introducing a car washing center (& coin laundry) named "CAMEL".  You can see how it works if you see the actual video.

 Japanese technology enables to make automatic car washing machines without any trouble.  These machines work in amazing way.  The latest model machine has many sensors (=eyes) and whatever car comes, they can sense complete shape of the car.  It can keep washing without making any damage to the car by moving along with the shape.

 The brush is also improved.  Popular type now is made of sponge and completly Scratch-Free, keeping washing avility.  Here is an example of automatic car wash machine from a Self Car Washing Shop in Japan. 

Why don't you consider using top quality Japanese car washing machines?

 It is very expensive if you buy these machines brand new.  Cheaper ones are from 4 to 5 million JPY (USD40,000 to 50,000) and if the latest model with full specs, more than 10 million JPY (USD100,000) easily.  Usually, self-type (with coin vending unit) is about 1 million JPY (US$10,000) more expensive compared to ordinary machine without vending unit, because they are business use. 

 Now, we like to introduce you used machines.  In the past, there are only few used machines available and they were not so good, either.  But, as the many gas stations close down in Japan, you may find new model with good conditions used machines now.  We can supply you high quality used machines because we have good contact with a machine service company.  Why don't you consider purchasing these good machines for your washing cars or your side business?